Sunday, June 12, 2016

Prejudice before people is sick (#2690)

     We have words in our lexicon to describe actions and thoughts. Hatred is a word we use to define ill will toward another or a thing. So when we say someone hates someone else we are talking about a nefarious entity. When our own prejudice, a damaging and harmful opinion, has a higher priority than the health and welfare of another person, we can justifiably be called a hater. It is what it is and regardless if we don't like the term hater, it fits. Now, both prejudice and hatred are not mentally healthy nor are they logically acquired. There is a ulterior motive to their being. They both stem from fear.
     Being afraid of what one has been inculcated to despise or being afraid to admit that if not for some unseen circumstance there go I, need further objective investigation. None of us is much different from another yet many of us fight our whole lives to deny it. Even to creating illusions and false conclusions as fact in order to steer clear of admitting that we have much more in common than not. What is even worse beyond our own self denial is the actual harm we may cause to others over our own opinions. We will simply ignore devastation if it fits our narrative. Somehow finding justification, much like the holocaust was for so many who put their prejudices before people.
     Now we don't have anything on that massive scale happening now but instead we have smaller atrocities happening in which too many of us find satisfaction. It is a sickness and an illness folks, to find comfort in the misery and death of others. You do get that right? No matter how other people choose to define their right to the pursuit of their happiness, we cannot be their haters if we disagree with their choice. We are not the bosses of them. We are the boss of ourselves and our wards and children. We have no right to become less human in order to justify our prejudiced and hateful opinion about what life should be like and how it should be lived for others.

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