Friday, June 3, 2016

Real leaders make life better for all not just for those who don't need it (#2681)

     The republican candidate for president in 2016 wants to give tax cuts to the wealthy so that in his mind the economy would take off. Okay, let's begin with the tax cuts for the wealthy shall we? Since 2001 and the George W. Bush administration tax cuts for the wealthy since then have created an influx of capital for the wealthy while diminishing returns for the ever growing poor class. Overall, those tax cuts for the wealthy accomplished the greatest income inequality in America since just before the Great Depression back in the 1920's. So for Donald Trump to be following the same economic path as his republican predecessor George W. Bush shows just how ridiculously malicious his candidacy really is.
     That the republican plan to keep cutting taxes for the already filthy rich is indicative of the tunnel vision policies republicans have adopted. Republicans can only see what benefits the wealthy as their purpose in life. Nothing changes with them. Even to the point of cutting or eliminating Social Security and Medicare if need be to balance the budget. Now let me be clear here. Republicans are the party of the wealthy over the middle/poor class. You do get that don't you when it comes to economic issues? If there is one thing that gets my attention it is my wallet. If there is no money in there I am more than worried. If there is money in there I am much happier. I don't really care who uses what bathroom or who marries who, that is between other folks. I do care about my wallet though and trickle down economics does not work and leaves my wallet empty.
     Keynesian economics has proven to be effective as a model for economic growth and sustainability. It focuses on the middle/poor class and jump starting government support for private enterprises to mobilize a ready and waiting work force. That the republican candidate for president has gone back to the failed policies of trickle down economics is revealing in that republicans are not about helping the working/middle/poor class. Whereas the candidates for president from the democratic side are both supportive of Keynesian economic policies. Real leaders lead all the people; not just those who pay them off.

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