Thursday, June 23, 2016

Republicans are arresting the will of the people (#2701)

     Never in my 60 years of life have I ever been aware of a political party so immune to the will of the people. The worse I remember were republicans trying to thwart the will of the people but finally understanding that they could not continue. The last 36 years have been a truly different story. Now the republicans could care less that the will of the people demands actions they refuse to take. Let's be clear here, republicans are refusing to take action because one of their biggest donors demands that they leave in place existing laws. You get that right? A small but wealthy group of people organized for the sake of protecting their own personal interests at all costs is using our elected representatives as their own proxy vote.
     This is what the republican party has become, the lap dog of special interests. So while again an overwhelming majority of we the people are demanding action on a public policy issue, republicans say no. I have been railing against the republican party ever since before I came of voting age. It seems that the republican party has only one agenda, deprive the will of the people every time it conflicts with their wealthy donors wishes. I am sick of it and as long as I draw breath I will yell it out. The rest of we people who are not the very small group of wealthy that keep getting republicans elected are not getting our voices heard even though we are told we live in a democracy. For those who are unsure, a democracy allows for the majority to guide the will of our nation.
     What we have here is not democracy, because the will of the majority is being arrested in favor of the will of a small minority. It is the republican party that is allowing this and if we all don't come to terms with that simple truth, then those of us who still vote for republicans out of naivety or loyalty will continue to do so thus helping to destroy democracy. It is that simple and that horrible. We the people are the will of our nation, not some small cabal of usurpers. I can only say this with all my mind and heart, if we do not vote every republican out of office for their betrayal of our democracy then we are doomed to destroying the intent that our forefathers/mothers fought so hard to achieve.

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