Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The purpose of human life is to expand our horizons and explore our environment (#2679)

     We, everyone of us humans has a noble purpose to join. We need to take what knowledge we can get and invest it into our ability to move beyond the dirt beneath our feet. We are not here in existence just to make commerce and strive for profit. That is the machinery of our society, not it's purpose. We are biological data processors with memory and inquisitiveness. Our best utility is to open up new ways of thinking and doing. the Universe is our environment and it is waiting for us to understand it. Our minds are much the same way. We start out as a blank slate taking in all we can as we begin to grow into physical maturity. We take what we learn and apply it comprehensively with reason, analysis and conclusions. A logical progression so that we can become masters of our time.
     Technology and innovation will occur regardless if we entertain to be part of it. So why would we not? Are we satisfied with just existing as a life? For us to have the mental and physical abilities we have to be satisfied with being sedentary is against the nature of humanity. We need to find the will within us to move out beyond a little bit of comfort and push our society to advance out beyond our current capabilities. We are not all scientists or explorers but we have the vision to understand the importance of helping those who do have these qualities to not only fulfill their destinies but ours through them.
     We are a society species. We don't do well all by ourselves. So let us carry each other out beyond what we have now to a new paradigm that expands the existence of humanity to further reaches of space and time. Our future is out into the great void all around us and the sooner we recognize the immense opportunity we have the better for all of us born now and later. Remember, our human nature is unique, we care about each other and we wonder about all that exists. Let us take our biological data processing selves out for a spin and let's see how much better life can be when we are all on board with the new discoveries.

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