Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We need to pay our citizens to learn (#2693)

     If we are going to remain and continue to be a successful democracy then we need to adapt capitalism to our learning processes. Our children learn early the cost/benefit paradigm and getting them to willfully accept the cost of learning without an immediate benefit is against what we actually do as a society. Therefore we should have a pay structure in place as a benefit for learning. However we get our children to learn is the key and what we are doing now isn't working. Too many of our youth and older generations have not done well with learning and it is hurting our chances to remain a democracy. Democracy is an intelligent design for government and if our citizenry are not intelligent enough to maintain it then it will fall to more parochial forms of government.
     So let's get smart with our children by giving them an incentive to become more enlightened. By paying them to learn we are actually investing in our own survival as an enlightened society. Plus we are also giving our children a hope they never expected. We show them just how important they are to us and to our future. We give them the wherewithal to control their own destiny to define who they are by what they do. We also help lift many millions out of poverty and hunger by rewarding those who can see a path for success. If we are going to be a capitalist economy then let's include that in our educational system which feeds into our ongoing innovative commerce.
     Nothing I am saying here is radical, it is practical. We need to change how we are educating our children and young adults so let's give them the incentive to help us with that. A partnership between a caring government and it's citizenry. I am so tired of not changing the problems we have in our nation and I am so tired of the politicians we elect doing little to nothing to change the never ending problems that wont change themselves. So thinking outside the box with creative solutions should not be condescended to nor dismissed, instead they should be welcomed with the enthusiasm that reflects our human nature to explore and expand.

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