Sunday, June 26, 2016

Why we need strong truth in advertising laws (#2704)

     Let's take the British exit from the EU vote. Most were unaware of the true ramifications of leaving the EU. So they voted based more upon emotion and less than on objective evidence. Much like the Obamacare policy that had gotten so much backlash early on. The objective information was being drowned out by inaccurate and salacious reporting. As time has shown Obamacare to be a success in it's application, the truth of things eventually come out and we are left with the decisions we made earlier without all the facts. That must stop. The only ones who benefit by obstructing and misrepresenting are the ones who are lying, cheating and stealing for some gain while the rest of us foot the bill for them.
     Truth in advertising laws that are strong and punish those severely who break them will stop the nonsensical steps we take as we strive to move forward into our modernity. We the majority do not need the greedy coming in and confusing issues that are important and life sustaining for us. First we need to stop voting for the republican party. They abdicated any pretense of support for the working middle poor class. So they would never agree to handcuff their wealthy base in order to take propaganda and distortion out of our public discourse. In fact, republicans work to increase distortion and discord wherever it serves their purpose. The root cause can be voted out in one election cycle if we would all just place our priorities in order.
     None of this is that difficult. We want a society that speaks to us clearly and without contradiction so that we the people can decide for ourselves the best path forward. The days of elected officials being our conscience is over. They are not our conscience they are our will. They do our bidding but we cannot accurately guide them to speak for us if we do not make them give us the truth. So electing officials who will fight to end propaganda is essential. Democrats, who are progressive and liberal, will do this for us so let's make sure we elect them to represent us.

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