Thursday, July 21, 2016

Acceptance and tolerance (#2729)

     I was thinking of a younger woman who is so full of being unique that she is having a hard time finding a man who can accept and tolerate her uniqueness. She is frustrated that finding and keeping a relationship is difficult. I thought about responding to her statement and then thought better of it. There is no easy answer for her. She has to find a man who is willing to not only accept her as she is and is continuing to become but to also tolerate what ever that may be. A man such as that may not exist at every turn so her patience in looking for such a man must prevail if she is to have any fortune in finding him.
     Our society today is starting to learn to be more acceptable and tolerant but there are not that many of us of the sixties generation on that get it. It takes an inordinate amount of arrogance for someone to think that others don't have the right to be who they are. Yet there seem to be many of those around. It is as if those arrogant ones think that they had some hand in devising existence, instead of being born into it like the ones of us who are acceptable and tolerant. We acceptable and tolerant ones know that it is a miracle that we are alive here and what anyone does with their own life is totally their choice.
     I am on the backside of passing through my timeline here and with that knowledge and wisdom that has been accrued it is all but apparent that we get to make of life what we put into it. Not what we demand of others. I wish I were younger and that younger woman and I were given a chance to be together. Her courage in not being a cookie cutter image and a subservient woman is refreshing to me. We must not as a species try to control what images and actions others portray. We must only protect our own right to be unique as it is our right to do so.

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