Monday, July 25, 2016

Anything can happen (#2733)

     Yes, "Anything can happen". I have been hearing the haunting lyrics of this song in my head for a couple of months now. It is somewhat surprising that a young woman like Ellie Goulding could capture a message so powerful that it has found root in my head. I suppose that a recent sudden loss of mine is part of the explanation. But the idea that we can control or even guide with consistency our individual outcomes isn't fully rational. Surely at times we singularly do accomplish goals through our own initiative but much less than we hope. Does that mean we need to stop trying? No, but it does force us to realize that anything can happen and we are not alone the masters of anything out beyond our own skin. Even then, within our skin we seldom rule completely.
     The fragility of life is the one end of the spectrum. The other end of it is our courage to be bold and fierce. We all live somewhere in between these two extremes of the infancy our species. Yes, our species is in it's infancy just coming to grips with who we are and who we can be. The amazing vision I have of our future tells me so. Nothing should be impossible if we, as a group, just keep moving forward in our evolution. Like all species who learn to adapt to their environment, we humans are not only no different we are better equipped to make the necessary changes. We don't need nature alone to force our survival, we can plan and help transition what nature has designed.
     That is the bold and fierce side of us. Our fragile side is our emotional attachment to life and how chaos and serendipity interplay to remind us. Yet our fragile side represents our humanity to the core. It makes us realize that we are not a machine nor an automaton. We are the most unique species in existence and nothing in this Universe can come close to comparing. Surely our parameters now are simple yet they are full. Which makes me understand that no matter the dimension of unknown knowledge we humans, when we are in concert, are more than a match to not only harness it but to utilize it for an even greater future.

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