Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dehumanizing human dehumanization, a republican process (#2735)

     When you make it sound like being dehumanized is an actual good thing then you must be a republican. For some reason republicans are hell bent on making the darkest moments of our country's behavior, slavery, seem like a gift to those who were under it's cruelty. They argue that slaves had it better than a lot of folks because they were given meals and shelter as part of their indenture. What is amiss of course is the dark side of the nature of owners who not only abused the slaves, through punishments and sexual acts, but worked them to the bone wherever profit could be found.
     How republicans find it so easy to glamorize slavery as a stepping stone for, to them, a backward culture that needed slavery in order to progress, is mind boggling ignorance. How anyone can think that a human being, regardless of cultural inculcation, could be lowered to the level of a work animal ready for utility as a sub human is beyond me. The super ego it takes to put oneself above another is psychotic. Which to me explains a lot about the leaders of the republican party. Many who are followers of the republican party are not intentionally guilty of psychosis but they are guilty of being ill informed.
     Those who do lead the republican party are desperately trying to dehumanize too many sectors of our human population in hopes that they can trigger the same type of psychosis in our ongoing less informed society. Republicans have done much to destroy our previously thriving middle class and as such have taken down educational growth as well. As our society continues to become less informed and unable to critically think for themselves, republicans have spoon fed this type of dehumanization to replace the true ideal of a melting pot as the gold standard and dishonestly label it as an ill.

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