Thursday, July 28, 2016

Finding that which was lost (#2736)

     Okay, another personal post this morning. for the last over 24 hours I had not been able to find a newly adopted cat. I have only had her for 36 hours so it was hard on me to realize that she may have gotten out of the house and wandered off to wherever. I searched the neighborhood earlier yesterday with no luck. So all last evening I started to get the sense that I had lost her. I searched most everywhere that was reasonable to assume she could be. Now I am a single guy who lives in a house that has lots of stored items in it. My brother has recently moved into one of the bedrooms so between the two of us there are a lot of things in here.
     There really was only one place left that she could be if she was still in the house. The den serves to store a lot of items that I need to go through and sort. Yet here I am all these few years later and I have not done that yet. I did mention that I am a guy who has lived alone until just recently right? lol. Anyway, I get up early here on the west coast so that I can stay informed as to early morning news from the east coast. So while I was sitting here earlier this morning I decided to search everything on the one side of the den and make sure she wasn't there, and then move everything over to that side from the other side.
     No easy task since there are a lot of things stored in the den. Yet, with purpose I decided that instead of hoping I could coax her out of the den if she was in there, I would re-stack the den to find out if she was actually in there. I finally moved everything over to one side until I was at the last items, some chests that I am storing for a very good long time friend. I realized that the chests were on little legs and where not directly flat on the floor. So steadily, knowing that if she wasn't under the chests she was not in the den I took my flashlight and looked. Too my heart's content, there she was in the far corner and the absolute last place she could have been. I have found her and now I will let her come out at her own pace. :)

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