Monday, July 18, 2016

Gearing our minds and bodies toward our next great challenge (#2726)

     No, not politics, but instead outer space. The Universe is waiting for us to catch up to it. It is slowly changing and thankfully that is a bonus for we humans since we are not much faster in advancing our human society to catch up to it. That is the beauty of being a human being, we can imagine the future and how it may be simply by thinking. Yet thinking won't get us there alone. We have to evolve our societies generally toward common goals. We have to take our assets, such as our population and apply knowledge to it at every opportunity. Nothing can be left to chance here. We must teach our children that the final frontier in their lives exists outside our own Earth's atmosphere.
     So their thinking and learning must be focused on the paradigms that allow us to expand and explore beyond our own planet. There are more secrets left to discover here on Earth but they are few. So outer space is where our future lies and creating the manifest destiny to bring it into our sphere of living is our current responsibility. This satisfaction with just surviving and accumulating goods is past history. We are not a sedentary species. We used the industrial revolution to galvanize our populations from living to exist to living for a hope of a more imaginative future. We innovated and created an amazing array of functioning tools specifically designed for an enlightened human race. Which now puts us on the precipice of stepping off our planet, albeit gingerly, and making a case for our interstellar existence.
     Cause and effect couldn't be more clear here. Our species cares and wonders. We have no where else to go but out beyond the boundaries that constrain us. It is in our nature to explore and explore we will when we all get off the selfish and greedy power games that have thus stalled true human interaction with our better futures. It is exciting just writing this about where we will be 500 years from now. The idea that even out beyond our own galaxy there are mysteries waiting to expose themselves to us. How much our infant Earthly society will change given all the new data we will have at our ready. This is where it all starts and the starting is now for us to make so.

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