Friday, July 1, 2016

I fight so hard for the happy moments (#2709)

     Why do I do what I do with the politics, economics, spirituality and social issues? It is because I know what it is like when we are not treated with kindness. I know what it is like when we are treated like we are worthless. I know all too well what it is like when we feel more pain in our lives than happy moments. I fight to stop the unnecessary harm we do to each other. I hear many tell me that we can't do this or we can't do that because things don't work that way. I get that, but what I am saying is that we must look beyond the way things currently work to a vision of how they can work. That is where hope comes in.
     We must break through our fears about our own lives and the material gains we have made. We have to bring ourselves back down to a simple understanding, do no harm. If it destroys what we struggled to attain in an unfair society then that is the sacrifice we each must make. We have to decide if we each are a noble person, relying on our highest principles or decide that greed and selfishness are our true calling and maybe with regret discard the lives that are harmed by our decision. Either way lives are harmed but the difference is that by changing the whole paradigm of how our society operates, the harm is a virtue, whereas the status quo harm is petty and shameful.
     I know I have chosen my path in this life. I forego all accolades, prizes and pats on the back so that I can focus on forging ahead with some fundamental truths. The Internet is an amazing source for molding our perspectives in a much more inclusive way and that is where I practice my art of calling out truths in every way possible. The future of our species is at stake here and if at the beginning of modernity we are not set straight as to our path we will find that straightening it out becomes much harder the further we travel down it. Join me in working toward a better world by not just fixing the problems within it but with finding new solutions that may well improve society by wholesale change without it. Remembering Carter the cat.

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