Saturday, July 9, 2016

Loss is so damn hard (#2717)

     I know, he was only my cat but he was mine and I loved that feline. I had him for 13 years and we grew together. I can only imagine what it must be like to lose a wife, husband or child. But if it is harder than me losing my cat it must be horrible beyond words. To give of oneself to another whether a person or an animal requires one to open up their heart and let someone or something in. It is not easy to do since we all know what pain is waiting when things go wrong. I have thought about that pain and yet I still try to love. It is in my nature as a human being so it should be something we all share as human beings. I know there are a few in our society that are currently ruining life for many who cannot or will not allow themselves to care but for most of us it is real and happening.
     Considering not having someone or something to share love with is unthinkable. I cannot see how it is done and still live a happy life. So suffering from loss is part of the deal and I can say it is the worst part of the deal. I am over a week now into my loss and it is as if it just happened. Spending a lot of time together forms a special bond of knowing each other and it seems that we are so much a part of our routines that everything we do is a constant reminder that the one is not with us anymore. I am constantly reminded of how my cat would snuggle up into the crook of my arm and just lay there until he was satisfied. I hear an phantom meow every now and then like when he needed me to do something for him. Everywhere is a reminder.
     I know that time will eventually allow me to move on from the vivid reminders of my little cat but the memories will always be there and let me say this now, the memories are both good and sad. I will remember the bond we had but I also feel the sting of his loss. I have my little dog now to occupy my time but even he is not the same since Carter the cat passed. I won't write about this anymore but I needed to do this today as a way of finding closure and moving on to another reality that might include starting all over with another little cat.

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