Sunday, July 24, 2016

My humanity without a sovereign (#2732)

     I don't believe in a God. Yet I am a good person. How is that possible? Pretty simple actually. Inside me I am a good person and I want that person to be the one who reflects back out to everyone else. So I do good things and think good thoughts. Sure, the temptation thoughts come into my mind but I just dismiss them and focus once again on good thoughts. After a while the temptation thoughts don't come around as much and the good thoughts dominate my mind. Practice does make one better after all. So I also have learned what having honor and being noble means. Incorporating those concepts into my personal principles seems to have strengthened my resolve and ability to do good things.
     I don't have to be reminded by others or some God like figure to be a good person, I am already doing that on my own. What else in life is more important than making myself the best person I can be? Too many of us have not learned that lesson and instead rely upon an artificial belief system to keep us "good". The problem with that is that it is just a shortcut. Instead of doing the hard work of making ourselves better persons, we only wear the coat of goodness for a short time so that we somehow make ourselves and others think we are good as a rule in our thoughts and behaviors.
     Like all shortcuts, the end result judges who is truly doing what. Shortcuts are not the answer. Doing whatever it takes to do it right is the answer. We all know this but many of us are just determined not to put in the hard work. Many of us think that we are special and don't need to do what is right like the rest of us. Many of us feel that we deserve special treatment and doing good is only for suckers. Many of us think that life is short so we should take all we can with both hands and never look back. But the few of us who know that life is about humanity have figured out that we are the masters of our own lives and we are the ones who guide it to where we want it to go. I don't need a sovereign God nor a greedy selfish life. I am living a good one.

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