Friday, July 22, 2016

My past doesn't dictate my present nor my future (#2730)

     I heard a great line in a movie once, something about we live two lives, one we learn with and one we live after that. "The Natural" I believe. It is a very profound sentence. I have lived two lives, the one I went through all my hard knocks and bad choices with and the one I live now full of patience and wisdom. I have not arrived by any stretch of imagination but I have plateaued to a point where that past life is a distant memory. My present and future are the ones that sustain all my time living in and it is enough to take all my time doing. My past is how I learned to be the man I am now in the present, and the future is what I aspire to be as even more honorable.
     So there is no wallowing about in the mistakes of my past there is only learning grand lessons from it. We are not naturally wise nor honorable. We must learn these behaviors through whatever means allows us to get there with little delay and destruction. The first part of my life, the trial and error part, is where I had to find out what the parameters and boundaries existed for me to function. Society and it's rules and regulations are generally there for the many of us to find that balance between being and individual and being a citizen. I had to be molded into who I am now as a mature adult and I needed the time and space for that to happen.
     So the lessons of my past are not who I am, they were the process by which whom I have become. We all go through our own unique processes to get to being who we are. Most all of us have rehabilitated ourselves from something we started out as. None of us were born with the wisdom and honor of knowing the right way to live. Yet those of us who have learned great lessons and moved forward from them are the ones who have not quit on being better people. So whatever the past mistakes or behaviors we have left in the past they are not who we are but what it took for us to be who we are now.

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