Thursday, July 7, 2016

No dignity no respect (#2715)

     Those who have sold their soul to make money will get no respect from me. I have no sympathy for those who calculated a reward for doing something wrong. There are many out there who eventually get burned by their choice and then come about complaining that they were treated unfairly. Well, the price for choosing to put money over dignity has a price and that price for me is no respect. I am not a cynic, in the sense that I will go along with the crowd because everyone else is doing it. If it is wrong then no one should be doing it. So complaining about the downside of the reward obtained is like ordering a crappy sandwich and then complaining about it.
     What is even worse is the effect the decision to sell one's dignity has on others who are unaware of the deal. Those who seek profit for doing bad things are a scourge and if they are treated badly because of their decision to lie, cheat or steal then so be it. Privilege is not an excuse, it is a harbinger of why our society is so ill. No one deserves to be above the law as well as no one should be rewarded for discarding noble principles. I don't care what walk of life anyone comes from or who anyone thinks they are. Everyone is judged by their character and the choices they make.
     For those who sell their souls for profit there is a price extracted from them. It is their dignity and without dignity, fame and/or wealth is little to nothing. There is a better way and it requires us to solve the dilemma of those who actually pay others for their loss of dignity. The ill that exists where lots of money can be made for dishonorable service has two components, the seller and the buyer. That we have many who are desperate enough to sell their dignity to those many who are willing to buy it from them is despicable and both need rectification.

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