Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The era of republican brutish condescension must come to an end (#2714)

     Nowhere else in our American politics is brutish condescension more visible than in the republican party. Not only brutishly condescending to the world at large but to we Americans who are not wealthy. The republicans have had their run at leading our nation and the results are harmfully dismal. Never have I seen such a disdain for the backbone of our nation like what republicans exemplify. From their disparaging of our constitution through racism and sexism to their underhanded attempts to rewrite our constitution altogether to favor plutocrats and corporatists. They have even vilified the poor and elderly as the problem, not as needing solutions created by the wealthy and their greedy hoarding of resources for themselves.
     They, republicans, have redistributed our nation's wealth toward the wealthy and lied to us about why they did it. They said that supply side economics, (trickle down) would make us all enriched, when in fact the opposite occurs, we the non wealthy become even more poverty stricken. Republicans have showed us that they do not believe in diversity nor equality but instead blocking legislation that would make our nation more equal and diverse and have tried to pass laws that would make us less diverse and equal. Republicans have tried to destroy our medicare, social security and our ability to bargain for our wages as a group.
     Nothing republicans have done has been a positive reinforcement for our struggling working middle poor class. Nothing! In fact, they instead have made our lives much more miserable. So the era of the republican party leading our nation must come to an end if we are to improve our nation's future. We democrats have shown, like in the state of California just how effective we can be as leaders who put the working middle poor class first. It is time for the era of the republican party leading our nation to come to an end and begin again with democrats who not only want to stabilize a good life for all but who want to uphold the ideal that our nation is one of democracy, not greed and theft based upon advantage and privilege.

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