Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The republican vision (#2728)

     This shouldn't take long. Instead of being good liberals who want to make our society more fair and optimistic for our citizenry, republicans have another way of looking at things. They are the punishing sort. Surely they do reward some for being excessively wealthy and those who are ego driven for power, but after that the line gets short. Republicans see "real" citizens as being white and subservient. The rest of our population are just interlopers taking advantage of the white mans generosity. Even the white women must be subservient to the white men. And as such the rules for white men often change given the circumstance that plays out better for white men. After all, according to republicans, Jesus, therefore God, was/is a white man.
     Republicans see our government as so limited that all it is accountable for is police and military actions. All other laws need to be eliminated as to equality as a rule. Republicans believe that everyone needs to stand up on their own two feet and fight everyday for whatever they can get out of life. The rules don't apply the same to everyone but if you are good at manipulation then the better for you. Let me be clear here! Republicans do not want democracy. They want a privilege and advantage system that heavily weighs toward the men in white race. Their God is also a white man who is lord and master of not only the white women but all the other races as well.
     Republicans are the masters and everyone else is here to serve them. That is the republican vision. They have taken what fits their ideology from religion, social order and economics to forge their destiny upon all the rest of us. Their wild west days are our future. When they say they want to take us back, it is to a time before the American Civil war where white men ruled and all others bowed and capitulated. They long for those days of self importance with no regard for anyone else. No social programs, no equal rights and no chance for anyone other than the white man to find happiness in life.

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