Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Time is the great healer (#2713)

     Nothing about what hurts is fixed by anything but time. I have found this out the only way it can be found out, by experiencing it. As we continue with our lives we are occasionally reminded of just how fragile life can be. Much of it is out of our control and that is what we need to work on to change. The part that is most frustrating though is the much that is in our control but we are unable to make the common sense decisions to make it better. This is why I despise those who confuse and manipulate common sense away from it's natural conclusion to a false one which only benefits the detractors.
     The carpet bagging propagandists who can only live as psychopath/sociopaths do in not caring about our society's betterment over their own advantages and privileges. So needless harm, pain and suffering continues without being addressed. Instead we are given illusions of it's "natures way" or "God has a plan" platitudes instead of just making our reality better ourselves. But there is hope. The one thing the thieves in reality cannot control is our ability to reason, analyze and conclude. Our enlightenment as a species is not going backwards from here, it is going forwards. So no matter how much the few who would stall our modern progression as a species in order to make their own lives enriched, destiny will have it's way.
     What cannot be ignored though is the damage done before we get past the under handed tactics we now must endure. Soon we will as a whole break the fever of greed and selfishness and find ourselves truly united as a species working toward all of our futures not just a few of our futures. Time is the arbiter of our breakthrough, much like the alleviation of our pain, it is the one true salve that allows us to move beyond our despair and the ulterior motives of the worst of our species.

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