Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We all live in real time (#2720)

     There is no denying it, real time is factual and absolute. It changes from moment to moment and we also have the ability to be comprehensive in our perspectives but the moment now is where we all live. Now many of us are in step with real time and many more of us are not. It is painfully obvious. Here is what works for me. Logic, common sense and democratic principles. Combined is a mixture of truly unique concepts that keep me focused on what is right and good. I don't let my own personal biases or opinions enter into the calculation. So my real time is fair and equal as well as objective.
     Now my perspective is different from many others and that is well and good. I have my own experiences as well as others have their own. Yet there are some commonalities we all share. Logic works the same no matter how it is applied. Democratic principles are unchangeable at their core. Of course common sense is different for all of us but what common sense does share with all of us is an outcome that reflects what is best for all of us and not just for some of us. All three areas of logic, common sense and democratic principles are being abused at a rate that is beyond alarming.
     That I even have to write about this subject is an example of concern I have for our lack of educational priorities and our ineffectual attempts to teach critical thinking. If we cannot instill at the very basic level the idea that democratic principles are essential to the survival of our society then we are surely deep in trouble. If we cannot comprehend that logic is a system for understanding truths then we are not going to be able to be efficient in our communications. If we are at loggerheads when it comes to results when common sense is applied then our most simple method of passing on to our next generations our history and our understandings of the present is in jeopardy.

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