Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why we must all be eclectic (#2711)

     The dictionary definition of one being eclectic, myself for sure, is "deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad range of sources."To be eclectic one must first be diverse and tolerant. So you see where this is going right? We must be objective with an open mind toward each other. Since none of us is perfect, we must consider the possibility that we can learn new ideas to add to our own comprehensiveness, and, since none of us has arrived at a most excellent life, we can continue to learn from each other in order to continue that satisfying journey.
     Anything less than living an open and learned life is either lazy or arrogant. We see enough of the evidence of that in our society without debate as many have voiced and acted their intolerance and selfishness in brutish and harsh ways. That we are able to appreciate how all cultures and societies interact does not mean that we accept all their practices as our own. But we at least respect those who do live life in a different way than ours if it brings them peace without causing harm. We all have our bad apples in the barrel, metaphorically, but we don't taint all because of the acts of a few. We taint the few and move on.
     Another advantage of everyone being eclectic is that we can help each other when the helping times come. The worst of our emotions are contained to little or nothing thus allowing them to fade into antiquity where they belong. We are a modern society, or at least very capable now of being one and for us to be carrying around the baggage of our long ago past is incomprehensible. Those that do do so out of fear or advantage taking and either case should be either educated away or criminally prosecuted. We are better than we have ever been as a species but we have much further to go in our continuing evolvement.

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