Sunday, August 28, 2016

A message from the Universe (#2767)

     Come out and play you humans. I am out here all alone and you seem to want to stay home instead of coming out and hanging with me. I know you humans are much newer compared to me and can barely fly with help but you are getting older and wiser so you should be able to hang out more than you do. Don't be afraid of me, I am only the Universe and I have been with you since you became humans. Trust me that I will stay pretty much the same for a long time so discover my tendencies and let's have some fun together. I know you humans are mighty curious but you are also shy and apprehensive. Let your curious side overrule your extreme caution and be more who you were meant to be.
     You humans are biological data processors, with long and short term memory with the ability to reason, analyze and conclude on your own and with help when needed. Your physical capabilities are perfected toward the requirements of your planet Earth but you also have the ability to create artificial attributes that help you move off Earth out into space. Who knows, maybe sometime soon you will discover a way to exist much easier given your necessary functioning needs and then what will hold you back from exploring the vastness of my space? Nothing is impossible when you allow yourself to learn new things and I have many new things out here you can learn about.
     So stop hesitating in your desire to do more than just exist, generation after generation and come out into the unknown frontier. Manifest destiny is a term used to describe the westward migration of settlers across the wide width of America. So should manifest destiny be used to describe your inevitable step off your planet out into that which is waiting for you. I want you to come visit and colonize wherever you can and make me more personal to you. I need you to help me along in my lonely existence and hopefully it will be sooner than later.

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