Thursday, August 25, 2016

Democracy overrules all other politics, economics, religion and social structures (#2764)

     We keep hearing republicans and their attempts to destroy our democracy by making us subject to authoritarian political concepts, selective religious concepts and survival of the fittest concepts in our economics and social lives. We hear democrats talk about inclusion and improving education, retirement, health, and job opportunities as well as pushing the boundaries of our existence in this Universe. The republicans offer a diminution of democracy so that we are subject to their elitist vision. They would prefer that only landowners or other entitled individuals be given the right to determine our future through the act of voting.
     We democrats on the other hand want all of us to be in the mix for deciding who and what we as a nation will strive to become. We democrats want all citizens to have the experience of pursuing happiness without causing harm with equal opportunity, without barriers republicans subscribe to place on us. We democrats know that all of human life is special and no privilege or advantage outweighs our individual right to express the merit of our convictions from a similar foundation like all others. You see it is democracy that is our flag, not division, not exclusion, not lesser human traits of brutish behavior. The sacrifice that has been given in the name of democracy is immense and most honorable.
     We distinguish ourselves from the past fearful myths, mores and superstitions through our innate drive to learn and mature as human beings. We know we are just scratching the surface of our abilities and although we are an amazing species already, the more amazing aspects of who we can become is ahead of us. We need to settle our past into the present with an agenda for the future. But as long as we continue to allow republicans to represent us in our politics, economics, religious adherence and our social structures we will not put our past to rest and not set our present up to springboard into our objective future.

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