Thursday, August 11, 2016

Free speech, free listen (#2750)

     I had someone accuse me of denying someone their right to speak on my Facebook page. I thought about it for about one millisecond and then realized that I wasn't denying them their right to speak, I was denying them my right to listen. I have heard many speak pretty weird stuff and other things that are so illogical that even trying to understand them would take me away from reality. So my right not to listen is one I care a lot about. So when I let someone go off my page for speaking that which I find irrational and unproven is just me protecting my right to exist without nonsense as much as I can. The other person I let go off my page may still speak all they want about what they want to express, it is just that I don't have to hear it.
     I am all good for debate and argument about any legitimate subject of concern. I would never shut someone down simply because I couldn't handle their proofs. I would take their proofs and apply them to what I know so that my knowledge and wisdom base improves. I want to learn even if that learning goes against what I think I already know. But I will not debate or argue irrationality in the form of personal attacks or destructive intent. Some folks feel that all speech, whether rational or not should be allowed, I feel the same way but I don't have to listen to it when it does nothing to improve our world or make any kind of logical sense.
     So I will continue to let people off my page who come out with statements that inflict harm or make no sense to the process of learning. I will exercise my right to not listen where listening is a detriment and not a positive. They can still speak their speech but I won't be around to listen. It is a good trade off. Having the right to speak while also having the right to listen, or not.

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