Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Is life existence or purpose? (#2769)

     It seems that our political parties have broken along these lines. One, republicans, want to just exist without having a real purpose or vision. They would prefer that nature takes it course, helped along of course by those who can afford to affect natures path. a survival of the fittest model that has a slippery slope of dwindling us down to the last person standing. I would think that this type of philosophy would be plain to see as illogical but it would appear that too many have not seen it as so. So the reason republicans seem to be anti-democratic is because, well, because they actually are without them saying it in so many words. It is hard to get elected to public office in a democracy if your goal is to destroy that democracy.
     Democrats on the other hand want to establish a general purpose for our existence. We want to answer questions, help those who need help and solve problems that are too curious for us not to address. Just existing is not enough for us. We have a thirst within us that needs to be quenched. Our curiosity is one of our greatest natures and for us to not explore it is for us to become less than who we are. Our caring, which is the other great nature we have, is also one that needs to be fulfilled. We have a need to be cared about and loved. It is a prize we human beings possess that allows for our survival and growth as a species. We democrats recognize this and wish only to nurture it.
     So in the final analysis it does boil down to philosophy. Are we here just to battle among ourselves to see who can outmaneuver whom in order to be king of the hill? Or are we here to explore and discover while making life more bearable. We democrats have our curiosity and our care in order so that we can build on them and take all of our society forward, whereas republicans have stifled our curiosity and care so that they can keep us in a society that is divisive and fights itself at every turn.

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