Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It is like I am in a bad dream (#2742)

     Donald Trump, the republican nominee for president of the United States has got to be the most unhinged American to run for high office in the history of our nation. Now I don't know much about candidates before my lifetime other than to study them through history courses but no one comes to mind that is as selfish, cruel and ill informed than Donald Trump. That republicans had no one else to nominate is also baffling. There were at least a dozen candidates initially running on the republican side when the process started but none of them could overcome Donald Trump's illogic. The sad state of that is embarrassing not only to republicans but to we Americans who are being judged by the world at large.
     I keep expecting to wake up from a bad dream and find myself in a world where candidates from the republican side have a bit of leadership qualities that are admired and desired. Yet no one from that dark far right side of politics has come forth. Instead we get irrational, delusional and self promoting individuals who are more concerned with dividing our country than improving it. They are first of all deniers of science and logic. Facts to them are still just wrong opinions because of the way they are unable to interpret logic, but they also have some nonsensical biblical test that seems to contradict actual biblical tests. That they are even using biblical tests is another sign that they do not understand our representative democracy.
     I know this much, after November 8th, I will no longer be in what seems like a bad dream but I will be in reality. If my bad dream is reality then we are all in for a scary existence that may not last long. If however this bad dream of mine is left in the dust of history, we should all learn the lesson of it. No matter what do not treat our democracy with little to no thought. Be involved in the policies and programs that make us stronger as a nation. Remember to protect our values like equality, justice and opportunity with all that we have and use our minds to the best of their abilities. We cannot let the mentally unhinged to ever get this close to a leadership role again.

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