Thursday, August 4, 2016

Live with an open mind and an open heart (#2743)

     This is what democracy is, an open mind and an open heart. If you find that you can do this then you are a world class citizen. Problems get solved and questions get answered when we allow ourselves the freedom to learn and to care. If all you do in life is learn and care then you will have lived a very successful life. There are those who do not wish to learn and or care and it shows. they are not good people to be around or examples of how to live. They have their agenda in life and it does not concern others as much as it concerns themselves.
     We can know who is who just by examining their behavior. What is reflected out about folks is what they hold dear inside. If a learned and caring person is learning and caring, the evidence of it manifests itself in their thoughts and actions while those who don't, reflect back out their inadequacies. Many are afraid and that fear shines quite clearly through their disdain and hatred. They have chosen to be afraid for whatever reason, but no reason of value. The courage it takes to examine one's own life and to care about what happens to others is something we must grasp for ourselves. It does not just come to us. We must want to have the strength to rise up to our better and best potentials.
     It starts by choosing to live with an open mind and an open heart. None of us is the master of another. In our society we are the masters of only ourselves. Yet we must be aggressive in claiming our right to define ourselves as other less savory characters are always looking to master us if we don't stop them. It is unfortunate that there are among us those who would deny us our right to be an individual with our own freedom and liberty to make our own choices within our society. They want to control more than themselves so they prey upon the naive, weaker and vulnerable among us. Do not let them control you and you stop them by claiming your own right to think and act for yourself.

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