Monday, August 8, 2016

Our nature to survive (#2747)

     As you should know by now about me I state that we have two main natures, curiosity and care. However there is a wild card that I can't quite fit into how I see who we are. it is our will to survive. Or our survival instinct. We are not the only species to have this trait. All other still living creatures and life forms are in a constant battle to remain alive. From the three forms of life that have evolved into complex creatures, invertebrates, exoskeletons and mollusks. All of us have been existing for at least a few billion years For some reason unknown as of yet we Earth species have this distinct nature to want to live.
     I get it. For me it is to experience the wonder of all around me regardless of limitation. I understand through cognitive logic that I have but a short time to live but I want to live every second that I am able. There are principles in life worth sacrificing for but for the most part living is what I want to do. However any of us looks at the big picture of life and not life, we for the most part choose to live. So it is with most all other forms of life on Earth. We can only interpret will to live from life on earth as of yet but there are indications that more complex life does exist out beyond our grasp.
     What if any will to live they have can only be extrapolated from our own experience. We want to live and most likely they are striving to live as well. All of life seems to want to exist. Which brings me back to why I am posting on this subject. I was thinking about how survival is ingrained within curiosity and care. Both have a need which can only be supplied by being alive, as far as we know. So although the will to survive is a part of the other two natures it is apart as well. Wanting to live is not necessarily linked to curiosity nor care. It can be just as simple as wanting to be without any other motive. To me that is unlikely but it isn't impossible. Many have shown that they don't care and have no wonder about why we are alive. For this reason I have to give survival it's own trait and not mesh it in with curiosity and care. Although curiosity and care are much richer in their natures, survival is still distinct enough to qualify it as naturally instinctual.

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