Monday, August 22, 2016

Overpowering the lies with the truth (#2761)

     This coming election is between two very different ideologies. One, the democrats want to sustain our social and democratic progress while the other, republicans want to end them. Now the devil is in the details and so far the republicans have been adept at sidestepping their responsibility for explaining why they want to crush our social compacts. They have not been held accountable by the media, which is not nearly nor wholly objective, to explain their positions without lying about them. So the republican base hears another narrative that is not the truth about what the republican leadership is trying to do.
     What can we do about this? Well the best we can do is keep telling the truth as we have researched it and allow no confusion to entertain our conversations. The bluntness of truth is the remedy and the ill is ignorance to that very same truth. We democrats have an obligation to inform those around us to the facts of things, not self serving opinions or lies. Eventually we will convert many to reality since reality is where most of us live. I have no time for irrelevance or inaccuracies. This is too important an election coming our way and not allowing the republican party to lie to us is our battle.
     Science and logic are our allies and no amount of obfuscation will detract us from our duties. We must be informed as to the main policies of our party and hammer them at republicans until they concede that we are telling the truth. If they disagree with our truth then we can then debate on even terms but until they actually agree that we are protecting the social compact and republicans are trying to destroy them then nothing they say will be of any value. We must tune them out and keep speaking the truth as it is proven from facts and logic.

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