Saturday, August 20, 2016

Protecting Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid (#2759)

     The republican party has this idea that social security and medicare/medicaid are anti American. They think like all the other survival of the fittest brutes that anything that we do together for the benefit of all is wrong. They are the fringe psuedo sociopaths in our society and they are working their asses off to make it all of our reality. They, through the republican party, are using dirty tactics to not only keep power within our democratic political process but are actually working to undermine the democratic principles that our nation was founded upon. They despise talk of equality and fairness. They feel that only those who are strong enough to take what they want deserve anything at all.
     The concept of privilege and advantage is what they desire, not through merit or innovation but through devious cunning and deception. This is why no republican should ever be voted into public office again. Those that are already in public office need to be voted out. I choose to talk about social security and medicare/medicaid today because they both hit real close to home for me. I turn 61 today and as an older man who is worn down from extensive hard labor at different intervals in my life I know the value of having an insurance system like social security. We pay into it during our healthy work years and receive the benefit of those payments later in life when we most need them. Same with medicare/medicaid.
     We pay into them during our work years to have them available in the future when the need arises. As we age we lose our robust physical vigor to the effects of time and exertion. Having health care is crucial for those of us who cannot afford private health insurance, thus the necessity of the social compact of medicare/medicaid. We are not automatons, we are human beings who as we grow older need medical care for the devastation that work and accidents have thrust upon us in our system that requires us to sacrifice of ourselves in order to exist. The only way to protect social security and medicare/medicaid is to never again vote for the republican party and their brutish hateful survival of the fittest agenda.

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