Saturday, August 13, 2016

The hard never stops while living with our ghosts (#2752)

     It destroys a certain amount of us when we lose someone we love and cherish. The sense that a piece of our soul has been taken along with the shaking of our own will to live. Life can be and is magical at times but this is the worst side of life. Having to live on after a most important part of our life has been taken. These taken ones are the ghosts we carry with us for the rest of our lives. They are not actual ghosts per se but they are the memories and reminders we have blazoned into our minds and hearts. There is nothing to be done about that sense of loss except for us to keep living through with it. Time is not a healer, it is a salve that lessens the wounds of loss. So as we continue to move forward with our ghosts we must find a way to reconcile their physical loss.
     If for only our own ability to exist. But even more is our natural right to live a full life that has all the experiences of our personal journey. We have to find a way to live on and allow for new things to enter our lives. It is a form of hardening ourselves to reality. It takes away our naivete and innocence but it is the natural progression of things as we currently know existence. Do you ever wonder why so many of us are full throttle on moving forward with science, logic and modernity? It is so we can maybe find answers to questions that may eventually slow down or stop the concept of death.
     I know it seems impossible today but maybe not sometime in the future where knowledge and wisdom have moved beyond our small sample today. In the meantime we are left with a paradigm of the worst of living. None of us escapes loss and none of us lives without our ghosts. It never gets easy to forget love and how special it is to share with someone else. Living life alone is not natural for we human beings so we must continue to live out beyond as we were naturally meant to and living with our ghosts is part of that current naturalness.

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