Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The intention to be better never changes (#2749)

     I have my own personal battles that often leave me frustrated or discouraged but one thing that never changes is my intent to make mine and others' lives better. I cannot tell you how many times I have been beaten down by those who do not wish to make life better. There are enough examples of those to fill a lifetime. Yet I do not suffer defeat because I don't stop trying. They may beat me in the battles most of the time but they have not beaten me in the overall war. Eventually I do win out on some ideals I try to uphold. That is my journey, to make life better than when I got here.
     No one told me that this would be my purpose. I got here with that logic all by myself. I cannot think that anything in life would be more important than to see just a smidgen if not more, less pain and suffering inflicted upon those who are less able to stave it off. There are those of us within our species who are intent upon making life brutish and cruel for most of us instead of being true leaders and forging a brighter future in all respects. This is the current era of humanity though, still stuck in the past ways of using people as property and chattel and not having respect for all of life. More and more of us are not like that but too many still are.
     So no matter how many times I get slammed down by those who are getting advantages and privileges from the status quo, I will not relent in my quest to ease pain and suffering in any way I can. The concept of good intent eventually triumphing over ill intent is at the core of my being. It is the charge in my internal battery that will never go out until after I have drawn my final breath. I have a purpose for my life and it is well and good because it is right and true.

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