Sunday, August 21, 2016

We know we are not what other people think we are (#2760)

     Peer pressure and our own frailties have a way of making us sensitive to what other people think of us. Just remember that you are a person too so your perspective on what you think about other people is no different than what other people think about you. Given that, you should also realize that your perspective on other people is woefully uninformed as to their true nature just as others are woefully uninformed as to your true nature. So what must eventually become evident is that we are the only ones who are the true judges of who we are and our eventual value to and in life.
     So the next logical step for all of us individually and collectively when possible is to better ourselves based upon what honorable principles we hold dear. Honorable principles are the process by which we judge ourselves. I have gone full circle on this in the many years of my life. I have been despicable in my eyes and I have been magnificent. Surely I am a harsh judge and a biased one all at the same time so I usually fall somewhere between not bad and kind of good. Which is where most all of us live as well. I am not judging just basing my assumption on the inherent goodness we humans aspire toward.
     So all the outside noise about us from others, whether good or bad, is just noise. We are the ones who have the capability to judge ourselves objectively without prejudice if we truly want to be what we know we can be. None of us is a lost cause. I have come from the dregs of my existence and found peace and fulfillment. Life is many cycles and what matters most is to get through those cycles quickly so that we can focus on being the best human being we know we can be.

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