Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We need to quit hiding our secrets (#2762)

     Now some secrets are embarrassing on a personal level and they should be exposed only upon careful consideration but every other secret should be exposed. The impetus for my title today is that when I was younger and able to start my life out I didn't know some things as far how to start a business and navigate capitalistic processes. No one would share their success with me. It is as if they din't care whether I knew how to be a businessman. As long as I was there for them to use as labor or in some other way. I came from a family that had little knowledge in how business operated and although some in my extended family tried they more often than not failed themselves. Not from lack of effort but from not knowing how to be a business person.
    Why business classes in junior high and high school are not required is dumbfounding. It is as is there is a conspiracy to keep us from knowing how to start out our lives in a promising way. The problem with capitalism is that it makes it less profitable for all if we are all successful. So through logic, I can see why many are not shown how to be successful in business because of the many that are needed as labor. Labor, a lesser activity in the eyes of successful business types. Well it seems to me that without good labor successful business types would most likely fail so for them to treat labor as a lesser activity is more about their psychological failings than actual reality.
     Competition for the most success has this major failing. It puts the rest who are not successful in a detrimental way. Again, the survival of the fittest mentality permeated throughout our business culture. Not conducive to a healthy society but there it is in ours. Until we can understand that work here on this planet is a marking of time for greater adventures and opportunities for equality in outer space, we will continue to under value our citizenry and make a mockery of democratic principles.

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