Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cowering from the cowards (#2780)

     The phenomenon of cowering from cowards is evident today in our American politics. The republican nominee is a bully and an egoist who has a following because he plays on people's fears. Not only does he bring out the worst of our human natures but he works to scare folks if they don't elect him president. Now I never considered our nation to be full of weaklings but it appears I am mistaken. There are enough who follow the bully from the republican party so that the election is not a sure thing despite the fact that we have a strong democratic candidate.
     Now I know our democratic candidate is far from perfect but her credentials are steeped in public service. that she has to continue to fight a battle for votes against an arrogant bully who's only accomplishments are unsavory business tactics is revealing. Obviously he is not still in the race because he has the gravitas to lead our nation, no, it is because he plays on fears and works to divide our nation against itself. If those who support him do not or cannot see this for what it is then they have already decided that being afraid and using fear is what it takes to be a leader. They cower when they are faced with a decision to be courageous. They would rather live their lives in a world where they do not have to fight for what is right regardless of what that becomes.
     It is embarrassing and a shameful paradigm that exists today in our nation. We were a beacon for democracy and human rights but have abdicated that position so that too many of us can live like they are better than others. An infectious cowardice that has gripped too many and turned them into lackeys and minions. The lick spittle crowd is showing itself and it is not what we know as democracy. We are unfortunately quickly becoming the laughingstock of the world. Our inability to be honorable and live with a modicum of nobility in our thoughts and actions is showing that bullies can cower too many of us and turn our lives into shameful cowardly existences.

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