Monday, September 12, 2016

Everyone deserves to be treated special (#2782)

     The fact that we were born and live(d) automatically qualifies us to be treated special. Let me explain. We did not create ourselves yet here we are through the process of birthing. We were not picked off a shelf or predetermined to be who we are/were by our parents. We come into existence through a biological process but nothing in the Universe is as magnificent in it's capabilities or possibilities. We are biological data processors with an ability to reason, analyze and conclude. Our memories allow us to be comprehensive in our knowledge. We also have the physical capabilities to survive quite easily on this planet.
     Our natures of compassion and curiosity allow us to form relationships that enlighten and allay our fears while our curiosity is the engine that drives us to greater and greater intellectual paradigms. We have already sent men to the Moon and have several probes on Mars. Our future is one of our doing if we give ourselves the chance to follow a courageous and bold approach. Yet we do not treat each other as the magnificent beings we are. Instead too many of us want to stifle what is great about each of us by denigrating our physical differences in order to establish class systems. It is a conscience effort to subjugate and subordinate for greedy and selfish motives.
     I look at my own life to see what could have been. I have failed miserably at being the best of who I can be but it is not all on me. There were several intentional roadblocks used at critical times to thwart my efforts so that others could have an easier time moving along. That any of us should be stopped from moving ahead with the best of who we are is abominable and the reason I fight so adamantly against the republican party. They are the ones who wish to keep us from fulfilling each of our greatest potentials so that they themselves can maintain advantage and privilege where the rest of us are lacking. At least we democrats believe in democracy and it's principles of equality and fairness with opportunity for all to be treated special so that none of us fails because others conspired to make it so.

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