Sunday, September 18, 2016

Getting beyond our own stubborness (#2788)

     I had one family member tell me that they have always voted republican and that is how they vote. I tried to reason with her that her always vote for republicans mantra was a cop out and it had nothing to do with reality. It was just her figuring that she hadn't been wrong all this time. She fought hard against the arguments for why she should consider voting for democrats despite the fact that she works in the social services field and will be dependent upon social services when she retires. The idea that her particular sect of the family has been republican and wrong is not a concept she will logically consider. So naturally I disassociate from her. I am an equal opportunity friend and family member, if you decide to not use logic you will find I am not in your life anymore.
     It is the one thing I can control. My time with whom I want. I have no loyalties to family and friends if they are going to work against what is best for 100's of millions of Americans. I have no loyalties to family and friends if they choose to ignore and disrespect facts and truths. I am not an unconditional family first guy. I am a science and logic guy first and those who practice science and logic are my family and friends. It may seem cold hearted and shallow for me to dismiss a lifetime of acquaintance based upon on how we vote but it is that simply understood. You are either working to make society and our citizenry better or you are working to make society and our citizenry worse. My toleration level is defined by how we vote.
     I only live once and for me to have a blind allegiance to anything is not rational. There is that logic thing again. I am in constant flux to support that which is a benefit to all of us. Now some paradigms may stay the same over time and that is convenient but not essential. So whenever I hear someone say that they have always done something a particular way despite change I am immediately alarmed and wary. I stay a liberal in my politics because the liberal cause has not deviated from equality, fairness and opportunity in any substantial way during my lifetime, unlike conservatives and their republican party which has now become the party of division and hate. So to keep voting for republicans out of some blind loyalty is to not know me in your life any longer.

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