Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My magnificent dreams (#2776)

     I dreamed last night of a wild and adventurous opportunity I had. Of course I was the focus point of my dream and it was about saving that reality and getting the girl. All came out well in the saving of that reality and then there was the final struggle of getting the girl. Once I finally kissed her she fell in love with me instantly and then of course I woke up. I have mentioned this before in a post or two, it seems that I live two lives, one in my real life and one in my dream world. Often I am so tired from my dreams that I wake up exhausted. Instead of the other way around. This helps explain a lot about me. In my dreams I am the hero who is capable of doing anything physically imaginable while holding myself to the highest of moral and ethical principles.
     The ease of my mind in it all in my dreams along with the physical battles I am in involved in makes for a strange cooperation. I easily conclude what must be done while doing fantastical things to accomplish them. It gives me the hope that nothing is impossible but then again, nothing is impossible in my dreams is more accurate. Anyway, my dreams of wild adventure and winning the heart of the woman in it that I love is truly a gift for me. I can do nothing near as physical in reality although winning the girl's heart is not far from what it is like in reality. In reality we go about things far more subtly because we are not gifted with extraordinary physical talents. But as to winning a woman to our hearts is universal even extending to our dreams.
     Finding a woman who we are drawn toward, finding ways to be in her life, showing and giving of ourselves to her as our way of expressing our interest. These are the efforts we make in real life and in my dream world, although much more action and emotion is being lived, it isn't any different. The ending I had last night culminating with giving her a passionate kiss was probably not usual but it was what happened and we fell into each other as one. Very rewarding dream and a precursor for my yet unfinished real life I hope.

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