Sunday, September 4, 2016

Never stop fighting for our rights (#2774)

     It doesn't seem to matter to many republican voters that our guaranteed rights are being dwindled through republican politicians and their wealthy backers. I know that political philosophy is an emotional paradigm and we all fight for our vision of our democracy, but not at the expense of diminishing our democracy at the core level. Let's use the current legislative activity of republicans and their insatiable thirst to deny voters their franchise. Instead of republican voters telling their leaders that denying the right to vote to any segment of our American society is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, they instead remain silent and continue to support their republican candidates.
     It is a shameful behavior by them and it further exemplifies the core anti-democratic actions on the part of republicans and their voters. By remaining not only silent but quietly approving, republicans and their voters are united in their attempts to tear down our democratic society. Republicans long ago made their intent known as to denying equity when equity was so obviously needed but to go to the heart of equality and deny that as well speaks of some psychological disorder on the level with not having a conscience. It is embarrassing to be linked to these types of lesser human beings but at present there is no escaping it. I call it out when it is in my purview and I make known my stance against any strategy aimed at diminishing our democracy instead of enhancing it.
     Thus the never stop fighting for our rights title. This isn't just some fluff piece this morning it is a legitimate accusation aimed at the republican party and especially now at their voters. There is no ignorance that can be claimed here. If you continue to support the republican party and vote based upon that support then you are the problem, instead of being a solution and kicking out of office those politicians that dishonor our nation, I will fight you and your republican party with every breath I have because morally, ethically, spiritually and physically you are wrong!

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MotherNatureEarthMom said...

Bravo. Well said. It is mind boggling how anyone can support those who would silence so many citizens.