Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Our compassion makes us extraordinary (#2783)

     The emotions we have within us are not common. Surely others in the animal kingdom have emotion and it is brilliant that they do. However the level of their emotions is not on scale with we human beings. We have larger cerebral cortex's and more complex central nervous systems. It is one of the things that separates us from all that is in existence. How utterly unique we are. We need to be told of our place in existence early on and in never ending loops. We cannot shrug off our status, since we are what we are. It is our nature to be all that we are capable of being. That we can differentiate our possibilities makes it incumbent upon us to fulfill as much promise as possible. We often wonder what our purpose in life is and many have spent countless moments trying to figure that out.
     Simply put we are all starting at nothing and then moving toward something. Our hearts and minds tell us what that something will be and how we are to work at getting there. I think of myself and my miserable attempts to be the best I am. In my somewhat weak defense I was not told that I was special enough to know that I actually was. All of us need to be told we are special and the future may be incredible because of us. Each of us has the possibility of accomplishing or creating a whole new way to see how we all need to exist together. An exquisite example of just one of us being the link to a future that may well be absolutely amazing. Yet we all need to be part of the search. Our curiosity is the key and if we are all given the same amount of respect to begin then the who cares who gets credit for discovering more happiness for all of us? Our compassion is what brings us together and our curiosity will lead us to our more perfect existence.

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