Friday, September 9, 2016

Peace can only come about through strength (#2779)

     There are too many unsavory characters in this world to expect that we will all respect and honor each other. I cannot expect that everyone will live a principled life despite all the advantages that brings to each of us. There are just too many still out in life that have no conscience about treating others like property or like expendables. So I must stand tall and hard so that peace can be my goal. I have to fight when I am pushed to fight or when I see someone else being bullied. I cannot nor will not be a pacifist in the face of wrong or danger. Yet in my heart and soul I am a peaceful man. I want peace but until we can figure out a way for everyone else to want peace we must fight for peace.
     There is line between being strong to protect what is good about us and being strong so that we ourselves can unfairly benefit from the weakness of others. Our intent is the rule, which is why I started this blog. I continue to hope to explain that we humans are compassionate and curious as our true natures. From this compassion and curiosity we build our societies to advantage what is best about us and not what we can take from each other. We are no longer the unsophisticated survival of the fittest animals of our past. We are an enlightened species that can evaluate the difference between what is moral and ethical and what is brutish and harmful. We have chosen democracy as our political and social structure because we know in our hearts of hearts that we are all truly equal human beings in our possibilities.
     However there are those who have not the intent to better our society through opportunities. They believe that they are the ones who should think and define our lives for us without a by your leave from us. These are the ones I stand against and will continue to fight until my dying breath or they are completely defeated in the ill of their psychopathology before I die. We must remain strong and keep a vigil that never sleeps. There can only be peace through strength and the more hands helping the easier the load for us.

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