Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Reality brings us new possibilities (#2798)

     The more we learn the more possibility we have to expand our current knowledge. What I mean by that is that when we give ourselves a chance to understand something we have a greater chance of expanding that something into an even more panoramic paradigm. We take what we know and apply it to whatever and then that whatever starts to take on a more enlightened understanding. For instance, we go from space travel out into the Universe and hopefully by the end of some time we discover how to travel in space far more efficiently than when we first began to travel in space. Let's say we move from physically travelling to learning how to mentally travel. I know it sounds fantastical but that is what could happen given the way we are constantly challenging the laws of physics, time and space.
     From the curiosity of action that appears to defy physics at not only the sub-atomic level;, but to the greater reaches of our Galaxy where we observe black holes; and worm holes: Our science and math at this point in our human evolution is nearly perfect but not quite. Like our utility for mathematics has problems with fractions that go on and on into infinity without a concrete answer.
     What my point is here is that we are a species that is by nature curious so learning should be second nature to us. We should not be finding ways to stop learning due to laziness or comfort. It isn't who we are and will not allow us to advance as we should. From what we know now to what we will know further down the road will come about because we keep learning and we get out into the frontiers that remain to us in order to discover and explore their mysteries. What our reality is now will, by effort and intellect, become just the beginning of what we know centuries from now if we keep to our natures and subject all around us to what is best about our combined will.

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