Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Recapture your innocence, be objective! (#2790)

A primer on objectivity: "Objectivity is a noun that means a lack of bias, judgment, or prejudice. Maintaining one's objectivity is the most important job of a judge." https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/objectivity. The opposite of objectivity is subjectivity, which is: "judgment based on individual personal impressions and feelings and opinions rather than external facts". https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/subjectivity. So to recapture your innocence, you know, that mental paradigm where all is fresh and new, you must be able to look at life with an objective point of view. Where the facts of things are the rule. Whereas there is no innocence when we apply our own personal biases and prejudices whenever we wish. There is so much of the subjective type of judgment out there today because folks feel that what they think regardless of fact is the most accurate way to understand.
     So what we have been taught and what we have inculcated unto ourselves over time, despite much of it being subjective, is easier for us to adapt and become dependent upon despite the fact that it destroys our innocence. Here's the rub, who cares about our innocence? What good is it to us? Well, it is the first thing we have as a human being capable of reasoning. It is ours and we change it for no good reason other than an excuse of convenience. So why would we not want what was ours in the beginning of our lives? Surely we grow and mature from some of the innocence but that type of moving from innocence is progress toward wisdom and that is normal and healthy. What isn't normal and healthy is prejudice and bias from which comes all the ills of society we know today.
     I prefer to be a human being who is not a shell of what we could be. I see no advantage in taking my innocence, a noble and honorable outlook, and cashing it in for some form of disquieting, ill conceived convenience. Our whole species is marshaling against itself in many different ways and the time for that to stop is now. We begin by accepting objectivity as our formula for deciding most all things of social, political and economic consequence. Until we drop the prejudiced, biased subjective outlook we will continue to be a sub species of who we really are.

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