Sunday, September 11, 2016

Republicans only want themselves to do well (#2781)

     When your conservative policies have no carrot but only a stick it becomes clear that punishing people for not conforming or achieving at the standards you place on them is your only solution. The republican party has become the de facto conscience for every one of us except that they always seem to fall short of what they expect the rest of us to do. A do as I say and not as I do approach. How utterly arrogant of them to tell anyone but themselves what to do. We are all free will thinking human beings capable of managing our own lives without their unwanted and unsolicited advice.
     Republicans would be far batter off as a political party if they just suggested ideas and then let the democratic process of voting by the American citizenry decide, but they cannot do that, they want to sidestep democracy and force us to take their bitter unsuccessful pill. If clarity were the goal in the media we would see the republican agenda for what it is, but clarity in the media is not the case so we the American electorate cannot see the different illusory and hypocritical masks republicans continue to wear as an ulterior motive, devious method to confuse and control how we think. Which is why it should be obvious to anyone who subscribes to being an objective human being that the goal of the republican party is to hold control over how we think and live.
     Our democracy allows for us to choose our own fate together, not be forced to accept it because a few have the power and persuasion to trick and deceive us into believing that their way of hardship for the masses and ease for the privileged is the only way forward. The deception that the media is collaborating to thrust upon us is despicable and a challenge to the rest of us to make them pay a price. It seems that taking money from their bottom line is an effective way to make those that are doing harm instead of raising the level of principled living a beginning to breaking their partnership with the republican ideology of pain and suffering as a rule.

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