Friday, September 16, 2016

The republican paradigm of their modern day slavery (#2786)

     You tell me if what republicans are doing is not working to institute a modern day slave society. They want to get rid of social programs, social security and medicare/medicaid, which would end many seniors of their lives and be helpful for republicans in their efforts to "take out that used up trash". They want to make it hard for our children to be educated in the sciences and arts. They want to keep or lower the minimum wage so that low wage workers are in plenty of supply fighting over the few jobs left that provide wages that actually allow a person, let alone a family to live properly. They want a military that is larger than anything heretofore seen in history and by keeping our young, less intelligent, and hungry for work children, who would naturally be perfect candidates for unlimited military service to what end we can only surmise as never-ending service.
     Republicans are against voting rights for all as we have seen with all the republican laws that have passed restricting voting wherever and however they are able. These vote restricting laws are targeted at the poor, seniors and most specifically people of color. By wanting to repeal the fourteenth amendment,, republicans would then be able to justify their desire to keep people of color from voting and returning to a real estate owner as a minimum requirement for having the privilege to vote. Republicans believe that they are the adults of the world and the rest of us are children needing their guidance and their survival of the fittest ideology.
     What the republican party has come to be recognized as is a selfish entity that sacrifices others for their own personal gain. The majority of the population is just their cannon fodder to attain what they want when they want it. Democracy is not what republicans strive for instead it is a form of oligarchy where the wealthy and privileged are the ones who rule while the rest of us lick their boots for their pleasure. You tell me if I am wrong?

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