Friday, September 2, 2016

The republican party is a joke but the media won't say that (#2772)

     The US media is a world wide embarrassment. Long ago when the media sold out to it's bottom line over being fair and honest, we Americans lost our way. The problem, and it is always a problem, is that when capitalism is the greatest value to a society, society loses because making money is more important than democratic principles. This is what has happened to our American media. Too many so called journalists have become beholden to their bosses and the ideology of the media they represent. They go after reports of wrong doing by democratic candidates with a fervor but do not do the same with not only reports of republican candidates wrong doing but actual fact of republican wrong doing. It is a visible and atrocious double standard.
     President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have been vilified by the press for every little sleight the republicans can imagine but when a candidate like Donald Trump is not vilified for much worse behavior we see the double standard vividly. Michelle Obama shows her arms in a photo and is crucified by right wing Christian republicans through the media but there is nothing but silence from the media when Donald Trump's wife has a past history of exposing her whole body in actual non Christian like ways. The media, which is owned by capitalists out to profit from that ownership, have decided that the best way to make money is to make both our candidates for president, Clinton and Trump seem as equals as to merit, which is destroying any hope we Americans have of being an informed and respected nation.
     The media will continue to find ways to keep both candidates as viable as possible even though only the democratic candidate, through trial and error and a lifetime of public service, is worthy of being our next leader. The republican party nominated a carnival barker as it's presidential candidate and this particular carnival barker is nefarious for his despicable financial dealings. Yet the media keeps portraying both candidates as worthy. I cannot remember the last time I was this embarrassed by the American media and as it stands now it may get much worse before we can rectify the status quo through more effective truth in reporting laws.

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