Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thrust ourselves into greatness (#2777)

     We can only be ready to accept the challenge of doing great things when we have secured our own core principles as unwavering. If we are not solid as to our base thoughts and acts then we will not succeed in our efforts to make our world better. No one likes a phony and no phony can get past most people's bullshit meter. It is like the republican nominee Donald Trump. He is a con artist and it is obvious to all rational human beings. He will try to take his soul crushing republican political party into the White House but he will fail because he never established honored principles at his core. So his thrust out into an attempt to be great will fall well short.
     The survival of the fittest paradigm that too many embrace is not an honored principle. It is a down and dirty struggle to beat into submission all challengers. This is not who we are as an intellectual species. It is a remnant of our ancient past that the lazy and willfully unlearned have grasped onto as their easy way to success for themselves. So when they try to leap into public service on the basis of their behaviors we see that for what it is and can reject the anti-democratic nature of their efforts. We all have the ability to shine out the best of who we are but we must first understand and strengthen that inner nobility.
     It is through merit that we separate ourselves from one another and that merit has a core. It is the best of who we are in action. I have alluded to a superhero complex several times in this blog but it is apt and doable. We get to choose who we are. No one else has that power over us. No one! So when the choosing time comes it is important to know how to be who we want to be. We build our principles through action and thought. We force ourselves into a melding of the best of who we are and dismiss that which falls short. It is how we thrust ourselves into greatness. We springboard off of our proven core and move out from it to show everyone that we are who we say we are.

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