Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trump, the man/child bully boot to the neck candidate (#2795)

     The republican candidate for president this cycle is a man/child who has made it clear that he only cares about himself and how he can get even more wealthy. His tax policies further enrich people like him. His social policies are aimed at cutting services for those who are not rich and funneling that money back to the top wealthy like himself. His economic policies are for less regulation and less taxes again for the wealthy. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, he leads a political party that segregates instead of integrates. He leads a political party that see women as subservient to men. He sees democracy as a hindrance to what he really wants, unlimited power. He is of the nastiest of people when it comes to his right to subject women to his own lascivious desires.
     Trump would rather beat down those who would disagree with him than actually listen to what they are saying. His boot to the neck philosophy is his way of letting everyone know that he is special and everyone else is not. He is like a child who throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way and then stomps his feet when he is ignored. He is the savage in a lord of the flies kind of way. The republican party has become a cesspool by attracting what is worst about America to it's stench. The filth of demeaning Americans and shoving American's concerns aside so that they can rule as they see fit is their agenda.
     Republicans have chosen the poster boy of huckster and conniver as their leader and it is appropriate given their disdain for the principles of democracy. You know, that equality of opportunity, fairness and justice annoyances. The republican party has given us a glimpse into what it is like to be a hateful blood lusting ignoramus. We are seeing it front and center with his continual rhetoric extolling the "virtue" of survival of the fittest and narcissism as a value. I have long said that the republican party has been exposed as the party of the deranged and greedy and we get to see that on a daily basis now until the election when the republican party will be rebuked by a vast majority of voters. Good riddance and better for America with them gone.

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