Monday, September 5, 2016

You may find comfort in your subjective denials but... (#2775) will stop growing as an objective human being as a result. Is the price worth paying? Are our own biases and personal opinions greater than our human and democratic principles? If they are then you will stay in your biases and personal opinions as a foundation for the rest of your life. You will forego wisdom and respect from your peers and instead will be mired in doubt and suspicion. It is a tragedy that too many folks have allowed themselves to find solutions where there are none. For the rest of us it is in the none that we begin. When there is no solution then we get to work on finding one. Why are so many intolerant of rolling up their sleeves and putting their metaphorical shoulder to the wheel?
     Surely we know that sitting back in some convenient philosophy or belief system is much more pleasant when it doesn't involve us having to admit that we don't know. It is easier to dispense a hoped for solution to problems instead of actually having to do the work of figuring one out. Is that it? It is easier? I am not a simpleton nor will I ever aspire to be one. I will not be defeated by the obstacles in my life nor will I pretend they don't exist. I am a complex human being who has the mental acuity to tackle anything I set my mind toward. Our society has built up a wide array of knowledge and in that massive knowing, somewhere there is a beginning to find any solution.
     I will not let my biases nor my laziness guide my reality. I truly do only have one life to live and I will not live it in compromise to "easy" or "peer pressure". I am not one who is afraid or disinterested in the truth of reality. I do not concoct fantasies that comfort me when I cannot or will not try to learn a better or correct way. All my living is done here between the time of my birth and the time of my death. Anything beyond that is not of value to me. Reality is my perspective and there is a panoramic abundance of it that takes up all my time.

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