Tuesday, October 25, 2016

14 days until the new beginning (#2825)

     A Woman President. Madam President. President Ms. Clinton. The 14 days left to the outcome is somewhat exhilarating. Surely there could be an upset but at this point that doesn't seem possible. Given the failures that republican Trump has displayed the idea that he could mastermind a momentous comeback is actually unfathomable. Not only will he not mount a comeback but he will further disintegrate the republican brand, which is what it deserves, and help to make all his down ticket fellow republicans lose their seats in Congress and in state houses. It is so very comforting for me at my age to be enjoying a political rout like this since I have been working my whole life for it to come about.
     We all need to leave our world better than when we arrived as a duty to the fact of just being here. So many before us have sacrificed so much to better our existence and as a tribute to them and to the true nature of our species, which is mainly compassion and curiosity, we need to follow their example. I for one am less disappointed than I have ever been since disappointment has been the hallmark of my initial hopes and dreams for our society and our species since I was a child. Yet here we are at the crossroads of a magnificent new beginning and despite the initial progress made by our intelligent and kind President Obama, much much more is about to happen.
     It looks like not only will our new president be Ms. Clinton, a democrat, but our Congress may also follow as well with the total selfishness and ineptitude of the republican party about to cause them to destroy the advantages they have rigged into keeping power. It is as if the people of the United States have awoken and have told republicans enough! It is remarkable to behold and while we still have 14 days until the inevitable there is no time for relaxing and we must continue to push our electorate to not only vote but to vote for every democrat on the ballot.

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